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A business journey is a mix of planned & unplanned activities. The suddenly emerging challenging situations can jolt the business, and the internal resources may not be sufficiently equipped to address them. An Interim Resource engaged for a short term would help the client in fixing the challenge / building the required internal capability without the regular business getting compromised. While Interim Executives, engaged for a short-term (3 - 18 months) with a definite end date, would focus on fixing the Special situation, and the regular business could continue without any hick-up. The typical Special Situations could be......

  • Merger/acquisition/divestiture

  • Restructuring / Reorganization

  • Trying out New business ideas

  • Expansion / Diversity initiative

  • Turnaround/corporate crisis/insolvency

  • New/ Challenged project

  • Continuity of business following a departure

  • Responding to industry/market-specific issues 


BREVI Interim Management, an off-shoot of Klaire & Jones Leadership Consulting, leveraging its extensive leadership level connect & robust search process capability, would make the availability of CEO / CXO level resources possible for short-term engagements. 

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